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Thread: AMD Has Open-Source Driver For HD 8000 Series

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    Quote Originally Posted by enrico.tagliavini View Post
    AMD really has to review its release process. Let's start with a fact: the main uses of the open source radeon driver are modesetting and 2D (and I mean display the desktop with better performance then a cirrus card). 3D is not really an option and you can also live without compositing. Gaming is not even allowed in dreams. This will not change anytime soon.
    I must be dreaming then - I game on R600g all the time. And run composted desktops on it. Have you ever actually used it for these purposes or are you just going on accusations or here-say? It may not have the most performant 3D, but it works and it is stable, even on RadeonSI it now appears. And I do not think I am abusing the local power grid by using it, although I do admit the manual power-save modes are working really well for me for whatever reason.

    I would say the main reason for the free radeon drivers, if you want to give them some specific technical objective, is to have a mainline kernel driver for the cards that offer out of the box support and better legacy compatibility. Mode setting and 2D are of course a part of this, but that does not minimize the other work.
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