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Thread: AMD Has Open-Source Driver For HD 8000 Series

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    Quote Originally Posted by curaga View Post
    @Bridgman Does 2d on glamor still tear?
    Dunno. I have to find time to fit a bigger power supply in my work system before I can plug in the Tahiti board. On a positive note I have system, power supply, screwdriver, bandages and Tahiti board all ready to go.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisXY View Post
    Is "3D workstation" only the firegl "professional" graphics cards? Can a notebook with enduro be a workstation too?
    I believe we are selling high-end APUs and high-end laptop chips into the 3D workstation market as well. One of the interesting things that came out of the move to unified shaders is that midrange GPUs can crunch typical workstation loads very quickly with the right driver optimizations.
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