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Thread: John Carmack Pushes Wine For Linux Gaming

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    Quote Originally Posted by brosis View Post
    If "pouring resources" means original developers, than its incredibly wrong path.

    Its like producing emergency tires instead of original tires. WINE is always meant as a solution to run things if native version is not available - exactly as an emergency tire. It is winapi clone, it is not a real thing.
    It means what it means - fixing bugs and making it better. He's calling on it - let him contribute. Whether you think it's wrong or not wrong, Wine enables using many Windows only games for Linux and improving it always helps. Fixing and improving Wine is not synonymous with using Wine as a primary tool instead of creating Linux ports for a game in development. If he calls for the later - I don't agree. If he calls for the former - that is welcome. And for developers who are too entrenched in Windows only mode, checking that their games at least work well with Wine is also a good thing. It's better then just saying "we don't support Linux so forget it".
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