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Distro you're using, FLHerne? Because I think I've only had one crash for 4.10 and what QML plasmoids are you having problems with?? Screenlocker is working just fine over here on Arch x86_64, power management is working fine except on systemd systems and thats due to a bug that is getting fixed in 4.10.1 (patch already committed to master & 4.10 branch)
Much-ppa'd Mint KDE, and I know that's probably not the best solution. I might try Arch when I get time and/or a new HDD, presumably you'd recommend it...
I was previously a Debian user, got fed up of the constant outdatedness (even in Testing).

Power management is very broken - buttons don't do anything, DBus messages don't do anything, pretty much nothing does except shutdown -h -P now. . Screenlocker is quite shiny, but has the alarming characteristic of displaying the desktop/windows (no interaction, it hangs momentarily) for a bit before it slaps the locker on and asks for a password after resuming from suspend*.

Plasmoid-wise, the device notifier doesn't reliably notify me about new devices, when it does the device action buttons often don't actually do anything. Notifications have a tendency to pop up where the bottom corner on my screen would be if it was 1024x768, the weather widget crashed plasma-desktop twice** while trying to get me a forecast, and the comic strip*** has had so many features stripped out (resizing to currently-displayed strip, show icons instead of words in the tab-bar...) that it's all but unusable in any role. It's useful if you want to look at exactly one comic, in which every strip is always an identical size - so not even Calvin&Hobbes, let alone the dozen-or-so wildly varying ones I had.

*Yes, suspend works very occasionally, perhaps PM isn't _completely_ broken...
**plasma-desktop has crashed itself a dozen times in a week, too. Given that 4.7 was quite good, 4.8 crashed once and I had no crashes at alll with 4.9, that's quite a big step back.
***It's not actually _important_, if important means productive, but I don't see the point in replacing something non-broken with something that simply isn't close to equivalent. Quite ridiculous.

It certainly won't put me off KDE as a one-off (I put up with 4.0, after all ) - but it's certainly reduced my confidence that the devs are paying enough attention to QA; there are just so many things broken for me in this release.