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Right. However, high CPU usage by driver is a problem as well. And btw, opensource radeon driver is quite troublesome at this. I.e. there is severe CPU load when running 3D games. Attempt to profile this situation lead me to think that it's GPU driver who eats most CPU in it's ioctl. Unfortunately, tracing, profiling and so on has proven to be very delicate when it comes to graphics. I've got a number of hard lockups when trying to profile or trace things anyhow better so I only managed to get impression that ioctl of radeon's driver is a CPU hog. But not more than that.
The fact is that you do not understand what is the purpose of this benchmark. Michael was not benchmarking the performance of the 4650, nor the CPU usage... The topic was to see the difference of performance between differents versions of Mesa.

Moreover, a 4650 should handle all this games at hight rate FPS...