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LO Impress is also... unimpressive,...

Just FYI, I'm a big supporter of LO but I can admit it isn't the best thing out there. One of the only reasons MS was so successful was because of Office.
No and no.

Impress can compress exported documents to PDF based on size, dpi and quality. MS is not even near this.
MS Office won not because its "successful", but because it used hidden functionality in Windows, forced own changing document types that others were unable to work with and was very often prepackaged in OEM. They drove every other single solution out of the market since Windows 95; even Wordperfect is nearly dead - I know no one who uses it now.

Right now its down to LibreOffice, Softmaker and MSO. With MSO going Linux, even half-arsed, Softmaker is very probably dead; and only LO and MSO will compete.

LO is more advanced than MSO, because it uses classic interface, works perfectly on multitude of platforms, is FLOSS, and has wide support for document formats.
Since 2009 I use LibreOffice exclusively for everything and it works wonders. Also, nearly all Windows PC's I encounter have OOO or LO installed, so its used everywhere which means its feature complete.