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Thread: KDE/KWin On Wayland To Use Server-Side Decorations

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    Quote Originally Posted by curaga View Post
    Can you elaborate on that?

    In particular Martin's point about very inconsistent decoration _will_ happen in a CSD system. How would it be easily bypassed without going SSD? The hypothetical libdeco is no solution, we both know every toolkit will have their own solution, as will every app started before toolkits get the functionality.
    "Easily bypassed OR unimportant."

    I don't really care about that. There are already tons of inconsistencies - just try running a GNOME app next to a KDE one and try to count up all the different inconsistencies you can find. Adding the window decorations to that list seems like a pretty unimportant addition to me.

    And within GTK/Qt apps, i think the toolkit would provide a pretty good job at keeping things consistent. There would obviously be some issues that would pop up, but again - i don't really care.

    Other people apparently do, so I'm not necessarily against KWin providing SSDs. I just personally don't find it important.
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