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Regarding the problem with plymouth:
You cannot use plymouth together with any other application that uses graphics devices. Why do you want to use plymouth --show-splash from the console? It simply acquires all input/video devices and shows the splash screen. This doesn't work if another application (like xserver or kmscon) currently uses the devices.
I don't understand why anyone would want that? Could you elaborate a bit more?

It was for TESTING plymouth, I had just installed plymouth on my Arch box and was testing different splash screens. I just happened to run
plymouthd && plymouth --show-splash
from a KMSCON console. While I agree that you don't want to manually run plymouth and that no one would do that normally, I do feel like it is a bug that kmscon and plymouth --show-splash clash if you do want to one day have KMSCON being the full-blown replacement for the kernel VT's since you do sometimes want to test plymouth and it works just fine under the normal VT's.