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It's a NIH IPC mechanism that has many downsides (weird protocol, requires a daemon) while most of its users do not make use of its strengths (multicast simpler than via networking).

It's existence has so led many apps that do not need it to use it, just because it's the official fd.o alternative. Which brings the downside of having to run the unnecessary daemon to users.

It's security and other issues like performance do not concern me; its primary downside to me is the requirement on a daemon. I'm sure others have other reasons to dislike it.
Are you calling it NIH b/c of dcop, or were you a fan of corba?
What's wrong with the protocol? What's wrong with a daemon (addmittedly I'm not super excited that we need two instances running but it's not that big of an issue)?
Your point about misuse is well taken, but that is more the fault of application/framework developers. Can't blame the bread makers if someone decides to build a house out of their product.