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Thread: PathScale EKOPath 5.0 Beta Compiler Performance

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    Question installation needs license file

    When I try and do the installation using the gui interface, it asks for a license file. How do I get one?

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    Unhappy GROMACS 4.6 does not compile

    Quote Originally Posted by codestr0m View Post
    Thanks for posting this!
    I'm curious if anyone else reading the forums can post benchmarks using their own codes + processor/system details.
    Just tried to compile GROMACS with AVX-256 CPU acceleration, but the 02-11 nightly choked on our SIMD intrinsics kernels:

    $ make
    [  0%] Generating version information
    [  0%] Built target gmx_version
    [  0%] Building C object src/gmxlib/CMakeFiles/gmx.dir/nonbonded/nb_kernel_avx_256_single/nb_kernel_ElecCoul_VdwCSTab_GeomW3W3_avx_256_single.c.o
    Signal: Segmentation fault in Code_Expansion phase.
    Error: Signal Segmentation fault in phase Code_Expansion -- processing aborted
    *** Internal stack backtrace:
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0xcfbb51]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0xcfcd99]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be(ErrMsg_Report+0x55) [0xcfaa7d]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be(ErrMsgLine+0xbe) [0xcfac26]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0xcfd58c]
        /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x2afb0d5a54a0]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0x9c5c5b]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0x9c588a]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0x9c47d4]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0x9cda50]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0x9c4348]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0x9c1b3d]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0x9c18ea]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be(_Z20Convert_WHIRL_To_OPsP2WN+0x139) [0x9c09e5]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be(CG_Generate_Code+0x279) [0x8e51cb]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0x7346d9]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0x733b7b]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be(main+0x55f) [0x732dbb]
        /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x2afb0d59076d]
        /opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be() [0x732629]
    pathcc ERROR: execute '/opt/ekopath-5.0.0_nightly-2013-02-11/lib/5.0.0/x8664/be' failed: Died due to unknown signal
    Note that I was compiling current git GROMACS 4.6 (release-4-6 branch) with default configuration on a Sandy Bridge machine. Feel free to drop me a mail if you need help with compilation or testing.

    PS: And if I disable AVX and fall back to SSE4.1 the code compiles, but (mdrun) segv-s immediately after startup.
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    I know it's quite and old thread, but what ever happened with github repositories? They seem to not have been touched in year or so, is EkoPath no longer open source?

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