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Has the GNOME community gone crazy? Very nice question, indeed, granted their interface seems to be targeted for tablets rather than PCs and still no any tablets with gnome sold anywhere in the world
That you guys keep claiming that GNOME3 is "made for tablets" does not make it more true.
I think it is quite obvious that touch interfaces were considered. I give you that. But considering that GNOME3 is excellent to use on a desktop or laptop, the argument that it should have been aimed exclusively towards tablets is false.
I don't think current GNOME3 would work very well on tablets, but I think it would at least work a lot better than GNOME2.
And I don't see why having an interface that works well on both touch and keyboard/mouse would be a bad thing, as long as it doesn't suck at it. And I have already told you that I personally think GNOME3 works really well for desktops/laptops.

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Oh man... What logic do some kind of people have to make such idiotic questions? The point wasn't about Canonical's moving away from Gnome which is a terrible desktop or rather "tablet". It was about Unity's alternative. Unity's being incompatible with Gnome, using own API and some Android's display server is dangerous to typical Linux distributions, don't you think? Imagine how many great projects can be wasted by this: systemd, Wayland, Open Source graphic stack...
I agree that it's a worrying trend, and that's why I personally switched from Ubuntu.
Not sure I share your doomsday vision though.

Gnome by being such utter shit doesn't offer anything interesting and like I mentioned KDE lacks corporate support and it will be harder for it to fight alone. Some of the Gnome devs are selfish idiots, because they don't care about Gnome 2 users. It's a fact, because they said at lwn.net they don't make Gnome 3 for Gnome 2 users.
What is a "GNOME2 user"? Someone who likes the old traditional desktop? Then I think the fallback mode which was replaced by "GNOME classic" is a great example how they do care.
I still don't see why GNOME would have some sort of obligation to continue to do GNOME2, when they don't want to.

If you had a project, and was thinking of overhauling it quite heavily for the next version, would you never do it because some of your users might disagree? Would you keep doing your old code even though you think you could do much better?