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lol show me a video, search the entire internet, and show me a video of a NORMAL touch laptop with gnome 3.6 installed and being used

I will IMMEDIATELY give you my password to this account and SWEAR to never post here again
Now you are getting desperate. No one wants to waste time on finding or uploading vids in compliance to your strawman.

I remember seeing gnome3.2 on a desktop/workstation screen controlled by touch. It is more than a year old. Today we have touch everywhere, even HYBRID laptops which also have tablet modes. Do you want your software change mode according to your available control methods? Or do you want your software to be compatible with touch? Gnome did make a wise choice here.

Calling a touch enabled UI a "phoneOS" or "tabletOS" is soooo stupid. The irony to this is KDE. They went the wrong path or was forced to go this way by Nokia. Because Nokia needed the split. THEY were all about phones and didnt want to be held back by desktop KDE; Thus Qt needed a new tablet/phoneOS. This is the main reason for plasma activity being outside traditional KDE. Now KDE is hampered by this illogical idea of "new software mode for every form factor". Besides the stupidity hitting hybrid laptop users it also have a technical debt. One example is kwins stupid approach to CSD.