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Thread: FreeBSD Works On C11, C++11 Support

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    Default FreeBSD Works On C11, C++11 Support

    Phoronix: FreeBSD Works On C11, C++11 Support

    FreeBSD developers are working on enabling support for the C11 and C++11 programming language standards within their operating system...

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    BSD at FOSDEM, what a disgrace.

    FOSDEM means Free and Open Source Developer's European Meeting which is something "Free"BSD isn't.

    FreeBSD is just shipping GCC 4.2.1 (the last GPLv2 FSF GCC compiler release) and are deprecating the compiler so they aren't really concerned about the GCC support for C++11/C11.
    Shows that they are nothing more then a bunch of retards. C/C++11 is fully supported on gcc4.6 yet they decide that they should waste for time on improving C/C++11 on useless clang.

    However, there is still lots of missing pieces for C/C++11 on FreeBSD that still need to be implemented.
    Support for C/C++11 in Linux is far superior so why focus on BullShitDaily when there's an OS that aready does the job and does it far better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by systemd rulez View Post
    C/C++11 is fully supported on gcc4.6
    No, it isn't.

    Here is a table for clang

    I think that c++11 support in g++ and clang are comparable.

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