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Mostly agree with you, but don't go overboard on blobs. If you have the right hardware or just don't need support for certain features you can use Linux without blobs. If Hurd or whatever else wants to support the same hardware, it will be in exactly the same boat: use blobs or don't provide support, at least until some alternative becomes available.
Agreed; I personally also use the deblobbed Kernel source.
What wondered me the most is that obviously BLOB-dependent drivers like the BCM-TG3-Ethernet-driver still work in a deblobbed state (Luckily, my Ethernet-adapter has NVRAM), so everyone should attempt to get the most out of it.
For me personally not providing support is still a better alternative than having to rely on those binary-drivers; It's actually rather sad to see binary-arrays in the sources, not be able to understand or modify them to a certain degree.
With Linux turning more and more popular, it could definitely use its power someday to force the manufacturers into releasing free drivers (we shouldn't do this too early or else we would risk patch-forks).

It definitely is an interesting topic.