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I think you're right.

There is another potential design issue for Wayland though, it only knows about full window buffers, when displaying remotely text (an important use case), it's quite possible that this will lead to much worse performance than X: with XRender an application can just say draw this (already cached) glyph, whereas for 'stock Wayland' to display one character you either have to send a full buffer (much higher bandwith used) or you implement compression but this adds latency and is a bit stupid from a design POV (undoing what you just did) or .. you keep using X11(X12?) on top of Wayland.

Now X is so old and crusty that it has also lots of performance issues.. So we have to wait until the Wayland developers implement remote display to check the real performance difference between both solutions...
Can you just send the delta (which is probably actually what video compression would do)? I think I've read things in that sense.