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Thread: Intel Ivy Bridge On Linux Properly Supports OpenGL ES 3.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nth_man View Post
    I wanted to clarify something: Linux has high end games like Serious Sam 3 that can be played now, can't them?
    SS3 is not a high-end game unless it's played on high-end hardware and the Serious Engine scales very well, which makes it an ideal release since most Linux users are not packing high-end hardware. Look at the Steam for Linux games and you'll see that they mostly aren't high-end games and the ones on there that you could call "high-end" all have great amounts of scalability built into their engines or are there to act as benchmarks for improvement. Once the 4.x kernel release period starts, we'll be getting big improvements for graphics like proper Nvidia Optimus support among other things, and since that will also bring 4K HDMI and Valve's D3D2OGL tech, we'll get more AA games as building a Linux gaming rig will be sensible for a change.
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