Upgrade of mobo and CPU, where old one is am3+ or am3 afair asrock mobo and am3 processor

I got ram: Vengance DDR3 1600
cpu vishera, one from phoronix review
mobo asrock 990FX Extreme3
2 video cards that i connect separately. nvidia 660 gtx and nvidia 470 gtx
ssd sata 2 or 3, not sure, irrelevant
psu 800 W corsair or crosshair or whatever it is, always mistake with those 2 brands

basically, i skip most steps. installed CPU, stick of ram(works with old mobo), video card, cooler. i connected power to mobo, power to cpu power to cooler power to vga and stick of ram into different slots, case vintilator.
with new cpu and mobo no signs of life whatsoever. no spinning of cpu fan, no fan from case or video card. i take jumer from bious out. no rection.(i dont have power button connected yet)
i connect psu to old mobo, take out bios jumper it just works(R). old gpu and cpu start, i connecct hdd and monitor and boot old PC

Any suggestions?
it appears new mobo is not backward compatible with old CPU, as expected. afaik new CPU phiscially should be compatible with old mobo, whichi am going to try tonight.

any other suggestions? should i not try 8 core CPU on older mobo?

i got 8 pin power for CPU and 24 pin for mobo. mobo documentation explicetly says that 4 pin should also do.