Gawd this is awesome. Just bought 12 games that I thought looked cool before, but didn't want enough to pay full price. It was insanely cheap for what I got, I'm really impressed and thankful.
I'm more of a First Person Shooter (and Skyrim) type gamer, so I'll buy any of those games first-day, full-price if they're good (really looking forward to Interstellar Marines, L4D, and CS:GO (if it's in the works).

Things are looking good for Desktop Linux.

Intelligent rolling-release models on user-friendly distros & Wayland are just around the bend. AAA game engines like Unreal & Unity are ported to Linux, surely more will follow. Valve is pushing driver developers for better Linux support (we're looking at you AMD) and putting Linux in front of millions of gamers faces. In a year or two Linux could have arguably the best desktop experience out-of-the-box for the widest audience (DEs asside). Mac and Windows make you pay for OS upgrades while tomorrow's Linux OSs will just stay up-to-date automatically, free of charge.

Don't get me wrong, stigmas ("by programmers, for programmers", "terminal-required geek os", etc..) will last for years, and it'll probably take at least 5-10 years before Linux has an equal number of Major App/Game Devs writing same-day Linux support, but it's definitely headed in that direction.