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I know the CDDL, I mean it's unusual for a game engine, since most free ones are GPL or at least GPL compatible. Often such licenses are used to declare a software open source but somewhat restricts code interoperability with other projects. As already suggested ZFS is under CDDL which make it incompatible with others OSes (BSDs and Linux) possibly in the hope they could gain some free work but that it cannot be used to improve other projects.
Well, for a game engine it wouldn't really be an issue, unless you wanted to import code from or to a GPL project.
Linking, which is something that is done the majority of a time with a game engine, can be done with software under any license, from the public domain to proprietary.

Also AgustinCordes, if you were considering making your code available to the greatest audience, you could dual license your project under the CDDL and the LGPL v2.1
That would ensure that your code can be used in GPL projects, if that's what you want.