It would seem that idiotic anti-BSD trolling is back again (nothing new or surprising there).

More to the point, I reported this post almost 18 hours ago, and seemingly no-one's paid any attention to reported posts in that time.

I've experienced that before. It's frustrating, but I haven't moaned about it. It's just that in this case, the thing I was reporting is a huge, reasonably-detailed drawing of someone being double-penetrated...

Seriously, I'm very active on a lot of different forums. Some of them are very nearly dead; others such as this one are quite popular; some are much bigger. On none of them, ever, have I reported giant pornographic imagery and come back the next day to find it still there!

If the moderation team can't keep up, appoint some more mods! I'm sure plenty of us would be quite happy to spend a bit of our time looking through reported posts, if it allowed us to actually use this as a discussion forum and not a pornography site...I certainly don't see why I should bother with this site otherwise...


*Long-time lurker & reader, only recently started posting on these boards. Looks like it might be a short stay .