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Ubuntu Software Center is python and gtk.
Ubuntu One client is in Qt.

Other then that Canonical doesn't write their own apps, just repackage other applications.
Please refrain from this erroneous statement. I have seen it repeated all to often, so much so that people start believing it. It is true that Canonical is focused on end-user-experience, it is true that they are nowhere close to the level of code contribution from Red Hat, but keep in mind that they only have about 3% of Red Hat's revenue. Their focus has been on getting the desktop mature. They did a lot of polish to Gnome2, witnessed by the polish and success of 10.04. Unfortunately, their contributions had a hard time being accepted upstream, which probably is a main reason for their choice to build a new DE, Unity, a significant code base. They have also made Upstart, but that seems to be out-run by Systemd these days, nevertheless it was a significant code base contributed. They have contributed Launchpad, a large project that has gained significant popularity. As part of Launchpad, you have the version control system Bazaar and the very popular ppa's. Right now they are contributing to maturing GNU/Linux on ARM, with direct contributions to Linaro.

Unfortunately they have included proprietary offerings in the mix with Ubuntu One and Landscape. Personally I see that as their downfall. Red Hat has demonstrated how important it is to stay open, Novell already demonstrated the slippery slope of making deals under the table. It really is sad, Ubuntu has made invaluable contributions to linux popularity and viability of the desktop, it saddens me tremendously to see them crumble in this way, I am afraid it marks the beginning of their downfall.