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Thread: Liberated Pixel Cup Winners Announced

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    Default Liberated Pixel Cup Winners Announced

    Phoronix: Liberated Pixel Cup Winners Announced

    Liberated Pixel Cup, a game development competition that's just based around using free artwork that's licensed under the Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA 3.0) and GPLv3 while the game being under the GPLv3+ license, has announced its winners...

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    Default Oh, I wonder how they select winners...

    Honestly, I wonder how they select winners. If we're about FLOSS 2D MMORPGs, The Mana World would beat these raw/half-done RPGs like "Lurking Patrol Comrades" for sure. They're based on more or less same techs but they assets are MUCH better in terms of quality and still everything (even server side!) could be used on terms of GNU GPL. And then, ManaPlus client would beat "winner" as RPG client for sure either (in terms of features, overall usability and UI appearance). In fact, Lurking Patrol Comrades looks like The Mana World with seriously degraded graphics .

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