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I don't get why sony would choose jaguar tho.... It's not that fast on a clock for clock basis (IPC) and it is a fairly low clock.. As well it has 8 cores and will be a bitch to get that much parallelism (TLP) out of it...

It should be as smooth as a hot knife through warm butter though with that many cores going unused and with that much memory bandwidth.
It's low power and cheap, and can completely shut off cores when they aren't in use.

Plus, games generally don't require that much CPU power. At least, not if they are designed with that in mind. And when they can rely on a powerful GPU with OpenCL (or equivalent) technologies to crank through some of the stuff they may need done. Workloads that the Cell's SPUs could handle will probably run far better on the GPU, and the main programmable core on the Cell CPU was very weak.