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Thread: NVIDIA Rolls Out Tegra 4i SoC With LTE

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    Default NVIDIA Rolls Out Tegra 4i SoC With LTE

    Phoronix: NVIDIA Rolls Out Tegra 4i SoC With LTE

    Besides announcing today announcing the most powerful graphics card in the world, the GeForce GTX TITAN, NVIDIA also announced the Tegra 4i. While part of the latest Tegra 4 generation of NVIDIA ARM SoCs and is their first product integrating an LTE processor, it's a bit of a disappointment...

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    I have to agree a bit here. I've been shopping for a new smartphone for a while now, and I'm sort of holding out for a dual/quad A15 in a device with a 4.0-4.5" screen (300+ppi).

    1GB Ram min (prefer 2GB)
    4.0-4.5" screen, reasonably high dpi. Galaxy SIII is too big...
    microSD slot
    USB Host/OTG support (combined with the SD slot it lets me offload dSLR pics from camera to a USB hard drive when on vacation)
    Decent standby battery life. Charging every 2-3 nights is nice
    LED Flash that I can use as a flashlight in a pinch
    Current I'm on GSM... this may or may not change

    Nice to have:
    Wireless charging
    HDMI output

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