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if someone could make a 3d api for javascript that easily translated to opengl or direct3d but was build to be easier to use and more conformant with javascript language, i really think this will be the future of computing, chrome oc, firefox os, android ios, regular linux or windows or mac or whatever you are using, browser based applications will only continue to become the defacto end user interfaces. its realy not all that bad of a thing to happen, although you would have thought something like java could have done it 15 years ago. but, i guess it wasnt possible with the way java was managed back then.
No. HTML5/web/cloud/SaaS/whatever is a networked interaction-, multimedia- and cross-platform interface. It's like X11+audio.

It has to run on a... You know; actual computer, hmkay?

So it is an addition to computing and certainly will not replace anything. The only possible outcome might be running a server at home, with networked terminals for both the homeserver and remote servers. They call this a "hybrid-cloud" environment.

Thanks, but no thanks. It's nice for mobile, but I will _never_ ditch the desktop, _ever_.