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thx for remind me of qwt, i totally forgot to put it in my post.

sorry for the ad-moninems but weak/baseless trolling make my blood boil

for funktroll
1.)for the sake of continuity Qt Charts is an external product and digia was developing it before they acquired Qt like many other commertial software around that uses Qt as foundation(Qt charts is easy troll candy for the coincidence that digia that used to make commercial Qt software actually buyed Qt)

2.) there is no such thing as Blackberry Qt(OMG) but an port of Qt to QNX(the actual OS for god sakes get at least your facts straight) that blackberry decided to use/incorporate in their blackberry product(like megoo or tizen) trying to use an very popular and well tested API that many developers are already familiar and comfortable with, so they can attract developers to their store fast(they need a strong app ecosystem to even have a chance against android/ios killer combo). The actual mobile code that is in Qt today and blackberry is actually taking advantage now comes from Nokia(before the current troy horse CEO) and as far as i can see any LGPL/commercial Qt Apps can basicaly be recompiled and run in BB 10/android/ios{ovbiously if you use non Qt code or ASM you need to port it to ARM/QNX equivalents}. Ofc i havent done a full review of BB SDK but i expect only minors higher level classes outside Qt{but Qobject based} to handle phone specific bindings(accelerometrs/rotation/gyroscope/etc)
Update seems that BB introduced an extension(Cascades) for Qt quick that do the same thing but faster[aka Blob optimized render VS Qt GLES renderer that normally is horridly bugged in mobile drivers]