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Fix your parser.
Stop writing incoherent bullshit?

Your fantasy universe has broken parser, fix your problems first.
Stop writing incoherent bullshit?

How come you can't counterargument it? Ah, thats because you fit your own definition.
Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them --Thomas Jefferson

I am happy, you are angry; and I crap on microsoft for their actions - that's the state of things.
I'm angry because it offends me that morons are allowed to pollute the Internet with lies.

My opinion is based on raw footprints. I do not base on "opinions".
Your opinion is based on made-up nonsense. Try injecting facts.

Sorry, I am no pro-microsoft spider.
You can't read a web page.

The original claim in this sentence was set by you in terms, that microsoft implemented a lot which I use.
Which is FUD. Which I have proven. So if you mean, I FUD by claiming I am microsoft-free, then sue me for using their "inventions". Until that happens, you carry on proudly with "pro microsoft trojan FUDwriter" medal.
You know patents can be bought and sold, right? Such as when Microsoft bought many of the original SSL patents from AOL/Netscape? Or OpenGL from SGI?

Just because you assert that you don't use any technology "implemented" by Microsoft, doesn't mean you don't use technology which may implement patents owned by Microsoft. Or by anyone else.

I feel really sorry for you to be forced working on Ubuntu instead of your windows right now.
Oh, I do not, hahaha.
I use Windows for games. With Steam for Linux, that requirement is waning.

Profession is not an accusation. Even if you start working as a prostitute, which you do, I still have no prejudgements against your profession and do not mean to offend you.
Besides, your argumentation *blows hard*, so you do your job very good.
So now I'm a prostitute? Yet I'm the one you want banned for being insulting?

Silverlight runs on .net, as Moonlight runs on MONO.
Silverlight 2.0 and higher use .NET bytecode (1.0 used Javascript) for the back-end. Moonlight 2.0 and higher was implemented using a fork of Mono.

.net has DRM, which Silverlight utilizes; that is why Moonlight fails to fill original goal - to be a Second Class Silverlight implementation for non-ms OSes.
.NET doesn't have DRM, and asserting that it does doesn't change reality.

Silverlight has DRM, which Moonlight never had access to. But Silverlight is a subset and superset of .NET, and the availability of something in Silverlight does not mean it is in .NET any more than I can say "C++ contains a .doc parser because LibreOffice is mostly written in C++"

Where did I claimed that? If its hard for you to even read, but easy to swear, maybe you should partner /dev/null as a listener. He always listens every carefully.
Scroll up two lines. You're too stupid to tell the difference between Moonlight and Mono; between Silverlight and .NET.

Yep, and I am a turtle in that means. Maybe you are a frog, but thats free to use to decide. Anyways, I don't partner scorpions.
I don't think you understand the fable of the scorpion and the frog. Which is a shame, because it supports your argument.

No thanks, I consider it my responsibility to clean my street part from plague.
Via FUD.

It was preinstalled, I tried it, wiped it, forgot it. It was ~300 MiB footprint if exes and dlls for simple notetaking application and music player.
Time to prove you are a liar, then. Thanks for that.

Pristine Ubuntu 11.04 VM. The same version with your "300MB" claim. Updated, but otherwise as shipped, including Mono by default.

Remove Banshee, Tomboy, gBrainy, Gtk#, and Mono, and you remove... 34 meg.

That is why you are not to be trusted. You cannot even bring yourself to argue based on reality. You will lie and lie and lie and lie if you think it helps your position.

At least, when somebody uses WINE, he uses it as compatibility layer. As native applications exist, I do not need a preinstalled .net compatibility layer, called MONO.
And coding in MONO is similar crime to coding in winapi+winelib; if you fail to understand what I mean, don't bother.
It doesn't mean that any more than coding in Java or Python means that. It's just another JITtered bytecode framework. Not special.

CPython is non-optimized, its like comparing old VB to Java.
Weren't you just claiming how much faster Python is that Mono? Are you admitting you lied?

Ah, common, its getting repetitive.
Do you label everyone who removes MONO and boycotts MS, as "insane and obsessed" "moron"?
How about getting the fuckts first instead?
No. I've had productive discussion with intelligent people whom I respect but disagree with. You are neither. I label the obsessive and insane ones as obsessive and insane. That's not all anti-Mono cultists, but many of them.

Remember how after SCO's patent claims, Linux was shut down overnight? SCO pulled the plug by saying "we have patents", and that means "game over, everybody stop what you're doing", right?

Or... did people just say "yeah, actually no, fuck off"

Why is it that the anti-Mono cult insists that every single piece of software ever written can have patent claims worked around, except for Mono where a patent claim means everyone in the world gets thrown into mass graves and all software gets shut down? Why the cognitive dissonance?

Never used such words. Check your parser, its between your monitor and your chair. Maybe some fresh air will declog it,.. maybe not.
It's all I can comprehend from half of what you write. "RARARGH RAGHGHGR MICRO$HAFT IS EVILZ! ONLY I AM PURE!"

Fine, lets try again.
Firstly, SSL is not patented by MS.

Secondly, MONO is not safe as its provided on a promise, which has limited scope.
As are lots of things, no matter how you deny it.

Every single thing listed on the list I previously posted (and you insisted was MSDN) is technology which Microsoft say they may hold patents to (typically via acquisition of those patents, or because the US patent system is so bad that prior art doesn't matter) - and you can use it safe thanks to the same promise they issue as for Mono. Either they're all at risk, or none of them are.

That said, I throw anything microsoft into the garbage bin, it worked for me and will work for anyone, it is easy, reliable and non-revocable.
(Except for Javascript)

I don't build towns on a sleeping nuclear bomb, so I am truly happy and free.
You drink radioactive water and say it's from the finest spring. You're incapable of acknowledging that the situation is muddier than you imagine. Your assertions do not match reality. Microsoft hold thousands of patents, including over things you use, like it or not.