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Don't forget that ECMAScript is ECMA. Meaning JavaScript. So the scripting that you run to use to criticize Mono uses the same standard body that Mono. Hopefully you will be true to your word and don't use ECMA anymore (or JS in your browser), it belongs to Microsoft, isn't it so?
Your favorite Mono just officially gave crap about its roots in an epic futile attempt of dropping useless attack on mentally aware Linux community, focusing its lying energy rays of darkness on where it can get money from AND damage microsoft enemies as well. That being Android and Mac. Well, congratulations!

Maybe sometime you will follow the example and stop lying too?

And you point me to ECMA when I asked about IEEE/ISO?
Wake me up, when you start distinguishing between words "Javascript" and "ECMAScript", because I was and am using Netscape's Javascript, kay?