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Thread: MonoDevelop vs. Xamarin Studio IDEs

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    Quote Originally Posted by brosis View Post
    Maybe sometime you will follow the example and stop lying too?
    This is you admitting to lying, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ciplogic View Post
    Because Xamarin Studio is MonoDevelop, at least as coding is concerned: is Gtk# based, it uses the same refactoring core (mainly: NRefactor), the same solution loader, the same dialogs for adding references, the same code for docking UI, etc. It is using also the very same control to display code and the same solution browser.

    Actually that raises an interesting question for me, has anyone tried running the windows client of Xamarin Studio on Linux, because unless they're checking for the win32 or mac I don't see any technical reasons as to why it shouldn't just work.

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