I just recently bought a PS3, and in the little time that I've found not playing games I've managed to install Gentoo on it. This is my first real time to have Gentoo installed... there were other times years ago when I was first learning how to use Linux that I decided to jump in with Gentoo of all distributions (so I didn't get far). This time I hope having this distribution installed will show me what's so good about Gentoo, and hopefully the support it provides on Power architecture as well. Has anyone else installed Linux on the PS3? If so what distro did you go with and how is it running for you? The main problem I have right now is the complete lack of wireless drivers, which causes a problem since I have to run a cable all through my house to get the Gentoo install on the network. I was thinking of ndiswrapper, but I am under the impression that this package only works for x86-based systems. I'd be surprised if wireless isn't working at all under Linux on the PS3... but I haven't found anything that tells me otherwise.