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How optimistic.

I was thinking 5 - 7 years.

That said, i still don't know (and partly don't dare) how to try out using Wayland as a display server even though packages for it exist in Fedora 17 and 18 (and Mageia 2). Anyone got any idiot-friendly instructions to try out Wayland without borking up the systems?

Or should I just wait until Wayland is deemed 'usable' enough for the distributions to start using it as the default display server over X?
The estimate comes from RH, primarily, as I understand they release a new major version every 2.5 years, or so, and they're about a year away from releasing RHEL7, IIRC.
Wayland should be quite safe to run once XWayland works properly.
As for trying it out, you can either get one of the various isos (like Rebecca Black), or shut down X, and start wayland from one of the VTs. It shouldn't be that scary
Having said that, you probably don't want to run it as your default display server yet. At least wait for XWayland.

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You should wait until they call it usable and then some another 2 years. What I've seen as 'usable' these days isn't actually usable until after a couple of years of more development.
This isn't a file system, so it's not QUITE so life and death