It's funny how people in these forums start to moan and complain about things that are only in their own heads.

According to this post ubuntu touch *does not use bionic*, it uses libhybris which allows the use of android drivers with glibc.

So ubuntu touch is not that much of android, but not that much of GNU either, it is its own thing. With regard to the push for SurfaceFlinger on the desktop, we will have to wait and see. But the desktop and touch interfaces will most probably remain very different beasts for quite some time. Since X is all the desktop blobs support right now.

Before moaning about whatever display server canonical might be pushing, remember this one thing: *it must be supported by the blobs*. The only GPU more or less well supported by open drivers is intel's. All the other ARM SoCs or desktop GPUs require blobs, end of story. Consumers mostly buy notebooks, which should not melt when ubuntu is installed.

Either ubuntu gets big enough so that canonical can convince GPU makers to write drivers for their own display server, or they are bound to use the display servers (or a fork thereof) that is already supported by GPU makers.

That said, I do believe it would be easier to convince AMD/nVidia to support SurfaceFlinger than to convince *everyone* to support wayland (how are they so much different anyway?). If someone else does that or manages to write good open drivers for every GPU under the sun, then I'm sure canonical would reconsider.