I'm not sure how these constitute a dysfunctional mess. X.org is a volunteer organization. The board can only do so much. Just because the results produced may not meet certain expectations doesn't mean it's a mess. Take the book sprints; there have been several. They were a lot of work to coordinate and organize. That's not dysfunction. We can't control who decides to attend. If there are no technical writers in attendance, not much happens. For GSoC, we've had the same format for the ideas page for years and some years we make it in, some years we don't. There aren't any guidelines for ideas pages that I know of. Anyone in the community can contribute to the pages if they think they need improvement. I think EVoC has been working fine. We've had several good projects and we've also had quite a few proposals that were way outside the range of projects that could considered within the purview of X.org. It could probably be promoted more, but it's hardly dysfunctional; it's worked quite will for the projects that we've sponsored. As for the funding sources and logo stuff, we are not in dire need of either at the moment, so they have not been a priority, but once again, I don't see that as dysfunction. The organization, including the board, is all volunteer based so things don't always move at the fastest pace, but I think we get fair amount accomplished overall. Just like all volunteers we have to juggle our time between work, life, and volunteering.