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Thread: OpenGL 3.0 Features For Intel Ironlake Unlikely

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    Quote Originally Posted by agd5f View Post
    The plan as always been to contribute to and aid the development of the community-based open source drivers.
    Are therefore saying community may than expect new version of XVBA SDK? It would be great as it would help add features to FFMPEG for other apps to use

    Comparing to other libraries one would welcome improvements in the audio area and possibility for hardware decoding of JPEG, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4

    PS Would it be possible for open source driver to access those registers as well? AFAIK it is not possible ATM because the docs not being released due to legal concerns of compromising DRM

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    GL3 requires at least 4X MSAA to be supported -- it's more like DX10.1 than 10.0.

    Ironlake can't do MSAA at all, so the only way you could claim GL3 on it is by spec-weaseling or just blatant lies.
    The best you'll get is 2.1 + a bunch of the 3.x/4.x extensions -- Ironlake can do almost all the rest of the 3.x features, just not multisampling.

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