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Yuuuuuuuuuup. Remember, kernel policy is anything that ever hits mainline that userspace can use can never break. Ever. If someone wants to run a motif app from 1995 that was designed around kernel 2.4.12 (im picking a random release number there lol), that app has to work as far as the kernel is concerned. It can break because of userspace changes, thats fine, but if it can't run then it can't be because of kernel changes. If it is because of kernel changes then its considered a bug to be fixed.

Whatever implementation of revoke() goes into the kernel has to be perfect on the first run or extensible enough to not matter.
I'd say it would be ideal if it were extensible.

That motif app from 1995 would be an elf or a.out binary for Linux 1.2, though-and I've run Gimp 0.54 release binaries recently, which come pretty close.
(Just curiousity; yes, you probably would prefer the newer version. It's comparable to xpaint for the most part.)

Allegedly, at one point they made sure that the original bash from when Linux binaries were first released still worked.