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Thread: X.Org Server Development Process Is Questioned

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    Quote Originally Posted by uid313 View Post
    No, if they just stripped away unused features so the Server would not be a full implementation of the X11 protocol, then that would not be X12, it would be a partial implementation of X11 or a a implementation of a subset of the X11 protocol, or X11 light.

    X12 is an another protocol and a discussed successor to the X11 protocol.

    Also, Wayland is something different. Also, since Wayland can use XWayland to run Server on top of Wayland, then we could still cut fat of Server while using it together with Wayland.
    The wayland comments weren't meant to be something taken super literally, he was talking about a cut down, lightweight, minus-legacy version of X11, i was implying that by the time they specced it out (Cuz remember, the three input subsystems are all inter-dependent on eachother, so lets go make a fourth that is those 3 done right to keep things lightweight >_> *only half sarcasm*) figured out what exactly could be cut / replaced / conjoined, wrote anything that needed to be wrote, coded anything that needed to be coded, tested it, and released it... Wayland would be even closer to adoption, if not being used already.

    I do agree though that cutting the fat from X11 for the sake of XWayland would be a good idea to keep the backend lightweight

    EDIT: the "X12 is Wayland" comment I made was more about the spirtiual succesor, yes I know X12 was being written and worked up, but I dont think any of the main Xorg devs are actively working on it anymore... least none that I've heard, Daniel could probably confirm this: Most of's devs have or will probably throw their weight in with Wayland rather than write up an X12, correct?
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