I'm trying to combine several tests which use the same (separate internal) framework into a single test profile.
I've noticed, for example, in etqw-demo, that some CLI options are configured as default (xml path .../Testsettings/Default/Arguments and .../PostArguments), while some are configurable (xml path .../Testsettings/Option/Menu/Value).
  • What exactly is the difference between .../Arguments and .../PostArguments? Where/when is each of them used?
  • I assume the entire value of .../Default/Arguments and .../Option/Menu/Value is something that is relevant only to the etqw binary. Is this correct, or are some of those strings (+set) an interface to PTS?

My goal is, I need to define several "tests" in a manner that is similar to the blogbench test profile, (.../TestSettings/Option/Menu/Entry), each of which would pass different arguments to the test script.

As I understand it, I should make multiple Entries under Option and set Option/Menu/Entry/Value to the commandline arguments I wish to pass. Is this correct?