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1: If you're on Debian Wheezy or Ubuntu 12.04, you're still affected.
The commit introducing this is actually from just before 3.2.
2: The patch was committed by a Red Hat employee, but was written by a Parallels employee.
sock_diag: Initial skeleton
author	Pavel Emelyanov <xemul@parallels.com>	
	Tue, 6 Dec 2011 07:58:03 +0000 (07:58 +0000)
committer	David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>	
	Tue, 6 Dec 2011 18:58:01 +0000 (13:58 -0500)
commit	d366477a52f1df29fa066ffb18e4e6101ee2ad04
tree	267a65f626108423f73ef6dc0040b3b3171f7b45	tree | snapshot
parent	f13c95f0e255e6d21762259875295cc212e6bc32	commit | diff
Now I'm off to build a new kernel for my Squeeze system*.
1 is incorrect: it dates to a month before 3.2, but was committed to net-next rather than Torvald's tree.

*I don't run straight Squeeze: I use an upstream LTS kernel, currently 3.4, plus several backports and built-from-git packages.