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Thread: Intel X.Org Driver Gets Hand-Tuning For SSE4, AVX2

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    Yes, talking about Larrabee. Of course.

    My understanding is that "top managers suddenly came and killed the project".
    Ie, it is same way like Elop speech, but without calling own product "Sh!t".

    Because, what Elop called such, was NOT "Sh!t", but in fact(!) was "Good".

    ... or you could formulate it as: Managers removed it, claiming it _were_ "sh!t"
    But very own tests proved it was very good and scaling. I have no idea what Intel managers were thinking.

    Edit: Original true motivations, I can think of, were two("or" or "and"):
    * bribe from nvidia (why not?)
    * antitrust probability

    now, the bribe should be already split and spend (if any)
    and every manufacturer (amd, nvidia) has access to own CPU in more or less form.

    So why not?
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