Everybody is asking for a bugfree driver. Tomorrow please.

That this is not realistic doesnt matter for most of them.


What will help everyone would be a more open information policy. Is there a reason that ati/amd does not offer plans and intentions (even without dates)? Or is it that ati/amd itself is not sure about what todo next? Hiding information may work in the windows world - but linux is a community that exchanges informations. People who buy a video card will be told by the community to do so (wiki/forum/chat).

That ati/amd is going for oss is a nice direction but it seems that they lack (imho) trust in those steps. Else they would just mark the closed driver deprecated and start using all available (linux) manpower helping out the opensource team, but who knows... maybe that exactly what they are doing - but not even one customer knows about it.

If ati is scared that they cant decode drm stuff. Well bridgeman, in one of your posts you wrote that there are just a "few" linux customers. Believe me: there is not even one who does care about drm when it comes to decoding drm content with his ati/amd gfx card using linux... Not now, not in 2 years.

If you want more customers:

- make a real cut and push the oss driver even more
- discuss a MUST featureset that should run stable
- care more for stability then for speed&features
- tell the customers what your doing
- dont compare windows users/market with the linux one... its something different.

good luck

PS: i dont need to mention that i am not a native english speaker, do i ? Sorry about that.