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Thread: Linux Gamers Make Up ~2% Of Valve's Steam Users

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowriver View Post
    AAA title will comewith Steam Box if it's gonna succed, but i would not expect EA and Blizzard titles as there got there own networks
    Speaking of Blizzard, where's that Linux port?

    I don't see Bethesda or EA bothering at all. Bungie last time I checked were M$. In the top 50 game manufacturers none jump out at me other than Valve that seems to care. ID used to care (sorta) Atari may come on board but I just depressed myself.

    I know I have personally petitioned NCsoft a few times, that alone would be a huge change but they don't seem interested in all, they're like "that's what Wine is for, dummy".

    Edit: Will someone kick Runic games in the ass so we can TL2 (hopefully with faces).
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