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Linux Gamers Make Up ~2% Of Valve's Steam Users
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Thread: Linux Gamers Make Up ~2% Of Valve's Steam Users

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightmarex View Post
    Speaking of Blizzard, where's that Linux port?

    I don't see Bethesda or EA bothering at all. Bungie last time I checked were M$. In the top 50 game manufacturers none jump out at me other than Valve that seems to care. ID used to care (sorta) Atari may come on board but I just depressed myself.

    I know I have personally petitioned NCsoft a few times, that alone would be a huge change but they don't seem interested in all, they're like "that's what Wine is for, dummy".

    Edit: Will someone kick Runic games in the ass so we can TL2 (hopefully with faces).
    Bungie actully buy themselfs out of MS and gone multiplatfrom. They annouced Destiny and Activision will be publisher, it was one of games shown during PS4 annoucment and looking on there site code they plan to go to as much platfrorms as possible Bethesta can come in too, they quite multiplatform, besides they owned by ZeniMax same company that owns longest gaming Linux lover id Software (thru they betrayed Linux with Rage).

    SteamBox needs few things to success:

    1. Work like console, feel like a console, marketised as a console. If this gonna be just yet another branded PC it won't be anything special and people (Specially console users) won't acknowledge it as Wii U, PS4, Xbox720 (or whatever it will be called) compatition.
    2.User base, this is most impotent thing of them all, not just for console but any platform... Linux is one of victims of that. More user = more developer interest.
    3.Exlusives deals, show that you have better line up then all other consoles, this is what happens during start of generation.... it what happening now, for example Ninendo got exlusive Beyonetta 2, which was quite a hit on Xbox 360 and PS3. Thru i think without it might go to.
    4. Do E3 conference = instant win.... announce Half-life 3 on it early on SteamBox = meltdown, everyone pre-ordering

    It's actually good time then ever to make a console since it's generation transition right now
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