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Here we go again....

What is so wrong with KDE I cannot get. If you don't like Gnome then use KDE and be done with it. Highly customizable and a bit slower than gnome I admit but the Ubuntu implementation in 12.04 seems to be pretty solid.

Let the flame war begin!

Slower?! Lol my ass is slower. Even on old hardware KDE 4.10 is way more responsive than any GTK3 based desktop like Cinnamon or Gnome 3.
I have a rather old laptop from 2006 with AMD Dual-Core 1.8 Ghz CPU, 2 GB RAM and a GeForce 6150 Go running Arch Linux 64 Bit. With Cinnamon or Gnome 3 it takes about 500 ms for the damn calender to pop out when I click the panel. With KDE everything just reacts instantly and looks even more fancy with all of its transparent effects. Qt just seems to be a way better toolkit.