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Thread: Linus is back on GNOME

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
    I would share thoughts by other full-time GTK3 developers, but there are none.
    Sorry but you have gone ignorant by the way Qt development works. Everybody knows there is a great barrier between Qts commercial business serving non-desktop customers on non-linux platforms and GTK. People at GTK dont see doing Gnome development as a waste of time. So there are a rather large bunch working "on both sides of the API; gnome and GTK. I suggest you go read the blogs of

    Clasen, principal gtk maintainer, doing alot of work on both side of the API.

    Taylor, former maintainer, now dev. Landed the frame sync stuff for 3.8

    Larsson, gtk/glib dev, landed multi process broadway

    Oh yeah and a bunch of intel guys are working to make "Wayland done right" on GTK/gnome.
    Thats like 10 times more assuring than Kwins brain damaged SSD. And frankly Qt dont care about this.

    So yeah you are right. GTK doesnt sport many GTK-only devs, but they have something better; Devs who actually care about the free desktop as the primary customer.

    So next time you post stuff about gnome be sure to include these links. Unless of course that you just try to get as biased as possible.
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