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Linus also uses uemacs as his text editor, may I suggest that you switch to it to be cool and not look like the retarded scripptkiddie mum you talk about?
By the way, I am neither using a retarded phone UI nor a Windows style UI, so you can save yourself some time with the inevitably following "You are to stupid to learn the new things!!!111!!! Welcome to 2013!!!!1111!!!111".
You fail to understand the logic: When Linus decides to try a new DE there will be blood. The left out DE is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMed. At least if it is gnome. And yeah Canonical left gnome-shell because it was DOOOOOOOOOOMed and not because Canonical is making a billion excuses to start new stuff where they can dictate and use CLA.

Some might call it getting biased, going hyperbole or extrapolate, other just call it was it is: Stupid trash talk on forums for the lesser. But who cares anyway? Linus uses gnome and now all the cool kids does as well.