Hello there Fellows.

This thread might be off topic, but i have strong feeling that what i share can help others.

Please excuse me for my English.

Basically, I had quite old PC.(12ghz 4core AMD, PCIE 1st generation and 800mhz ddram3 8 gigs, GTX 470, 2000 bus speed mobo from AsRock). Ram was Mobo limited, they are actually faster than that.
My new righ FX8350 AMD, PCIE 2nd generation and 5200 bus speed, mobo from AsRock.
Thanks Michael for covering them here on Phoronix. They now have one good customer, until they screw up.

I found a lot of issues with modern games. Basically, lower frame rates. For example, Wargame: European Escalation, it was possible to play it, t worked quite well, but than, you zoom in, zoom out or rotate camera - major performance drop, but than it worked sorta ok. Heroes Of Newerth gave major headaches with below 40 DPS in major battles.

I got myself GTX 660. In some games improvements were noticeable. In some - not.

I am beta subscriber for a few games, I have slightly better way of testing hardware in this sense.
So i will notice some differences I found about my upgrades. I did some mixed tests between new and old mobo and video cards, specially for you my Linux brethren!

HoN, With new card = 0 improvement. With new mobo, old card - big difference to better. With new MoBo and new card - big difference to better. Looks like years of whining on them was my own fault.

With Unigine Heaven I did not notice any difference, but mind that, on old rig i used version 3.0, and on new one 4.0, which i believe is bugged.

With Unigine Valley, old righ was sorta ok without Anisotropy, Multisampling. With new mobo there was somewhat boost to FPS. With new Mobo and GPU - major boost. So upgrade was good all in all

With Torchlight. game was playable already, but with big amount of enemy's there was performance drop, very noticeable one. Like 20 FPS or something, but not too often. After Full upgrade all maxed out - still no performance degradation.

Legend of Athereus, major boost with both old rig and new card and new rig and old card.(no FPS counter, but i can notice low FPS quite easily here, as game is very intense with graphics) its currently Beta, but I am looking for it personally very much, its probably best looking game I encountered on Linux so far.(OK, together with HoN and Oil Rush and Serious Sam, but it's hard to compare those 4, Torchlight almost made it there) It's my favorite genre, Real time RPG/MMORPG.

Oil Rush, it was quite playable before, and FPS did raise noticeably with both old rig new card and old card new rig.

Serious Sam, Major boost after new rig, new card upgrade. may be mistaking here, but new rig, old card also did do some performance boost. But game shines much more now with bigger North bridge throughput.

I didn't bother testing games whose performance was above 60 FPS on old rig and card, games like, Valve's Team Fortress(OK, it did have occasional performance drops, but i didn't test it that well now. I am pretty sure it will be much better anyway), Counterstrike source, Killing Floor and Trine 2.

Unfortunately Wakfu did not have any performance boost Ou well...

Hope community ill find it somewhat useful.

Sincerely yours dimko