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Thread: Linus Torvalds Is Back To Using GNOME 3 Desktop

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackout23 View Post
    Every desktop that has to rely on tweak tools to give people basic functionally seems to be fundamentally flawed.
    Have fun with your extensions they'll no longer work 2-3 iterations from now. Pretty cool especially when extension developers no longer support the extension you need and don't port it to the new gnome shell version.
    Gnome 3.8 brings back classic Gnome 2.x design, implemented as a shell.

    But to be honest, Gnome 3.6 is already the best desktop I've ever used on Linux, thus far. I hate Gnome 2.x and I still think KDE4 is superb. But Gnome 2 would be a massive step backwards, IM(very)HO.

    I do think that tiling in Gnome 3 can be taken a step further, still.


    I also wonder what basic functionality is lost... Middle click to minimize, windows-key for search and overview and task-tray, ALT-F4 to close (should be Ctrl+middle mouse click, but that can be adjusted), windows+up is maximize, windows+left/right is tiling, windows+down is 'un-maximize'. Also; press Enter to slide the lockscreen. Workspaces are dymanic and Ctrl+Alt+down/up is switching workspaces. Best of all maybe is more screen real-estate, less visual noise and a notification-design that doesn't distract me like fsck.

    Suspend to RAM is simply Alt+clicking on shutdown button.


    If you like Gnome 2 and if you are convinced Gnome 3 axes functionality; you're just dumb and like to live in the past. This is minimalism that for the first time convinced me that less can actualy be more.

    It's faster than Gnome 2 and usage of OpenGL 1.x is perfect, since it works perfectly with the open drivers. No longer are there any WM glitches when playing an OpenGL game in full screen and using compoziting window management at the same time.
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