Long-time lurker/reader here. This may have already been brought up; please point me in the correct direction if so. I wanted to start a discussion about somehow tapping into the wide and varied expert knowledge of these forums before publishing articles live on the main site.

The article that boiled my emotions over enough to post this was the F2FS USB Benchmarks article. Well, that and I just finished watching The Newsroom which come to think of it probably had a much stronger motivational effect. Anyway, the article was on benchmarking USB sticks without results for VFAT. But IMO those sorts of oversights feel all too common at Phoronix. I'm thinking of three major categories that immediately come to mind for potentially using serious improvement:
Selection of comparison hardware/software/versions.
Lack of insightful commentary on results [often related to poor choices from above, I should imagine].
Personally sickeningly visible biases/favoritism.

Phoronix may be a great collection of F/OSS news and benchmarks but this is no Anandtech. And, well, I guess I wish it were and I'm trying to not get mad about it. Thoughts?