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Thread: Best way to file bug reports for FirePro or Catalyst drivers?

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    not sure how AMD devs are choosing bugs to look at but they use feedback provided by users filling bugs.

    Here is 2 examples where they did leave comments:

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjmcwill2003 View Post
    I have an AMD FirePro W8000 and am having trouble with the latest fglrx driver on Centos 5.9
    running startx or gdb results in Xorg crashing before anythink is drawn. The previous fglrx driver works just fine.

    Can one of you share the link to how I can contact professional support at AMD about this?
    I didn't got any other support channel than the unofficial bug tracker.* :/

    However, at least for the bug that I filed

    it turned out that the AMD devs actually fixed it within ~2 month.
    I'm pretty sure that it was due to the bug report as the bug occurs only for very exotic dual-head
    configurations with some of the displays rotated. Additionally, my displays have different resolutions.
    Not sure what the real underlying reason was though. The bug was present for all Catalyst versions I tried.
    BTW, it is still present in the legacy driver.

    The downside; the devs never replied to my bug report.

    [*] You can try to ask Bridgman. Meanwhile he might have found the contact information and he's willing to share it.

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