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Thread: Ubuntu Announces Mir, A X.Org/Wayland Replacement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pallidus View Post
    "Mir is nothing but vaporware at this point. "

    here's the irony: do a search for wayland + vaporware and you will see how many people said the exact same thing about wayland.

    here's where I'm coming from:

    I hate xorg, tired of the stupidy that is setting up conf files to try different options and xorg needs to die, NAY, should have died already...

    enter wayland

    for 5 years nothing but promises and "oh it's going to be terrific" " oh it's so great"

    bla bla fucking bla

    I even remember seeing here and other places that ubuntu 12.04 would be using xwayland/weston what the fuck ever

    12.04 didn't, then I heard the same about 12.10 that canonical was desperate to port ubuntu into wayland...

    12.10 came and went and now it's 13.04... still no signs of wayland

    this is a new fucking world where tech is moving fast, you can't take 5 years to make a gay display manager for fucks sake.

    and now these stupid ass wayland devs act all surprised and offended that canonical said 'fuck this' and made their own...

    wayland will be ready when 2015? let me fucking lol

    it can be the biggest piece of shit ever made, but at least in little more than a years time canonical will release something
    Then why they they not use there working power to back up Wayland development if they tired of looking how slow it goes? Instead they making own thing from 0. So there really 2 possible reasons why they did that:

    1.They don't like where Wayland is going, so they going there own way
    2.They don't want to contribute... as they always did, so they making there own thing to have control over what they using.
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